10 Key Features of a Life Alert System

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If you’re considering purchasing a life alert system, congratulations! Ensuring your personal safety – or the safety of loved ones – is an important step toward peace of mind.

Silent Beacon has revolutionized the life alert system industry with its easy-to-use Silent Beacon device and free app. The Beacon is a small device that allows you to call for help with the press of a button. Triggering the alert will activate messages to all of your designated contacts, allowing you to ask for and receive help quickly… because in an emergency, every second count.

Check out the 10 key features of Silent Beacon’s innovative life alert system that you don’t want to miss:

  1. Ease of use. The Silent Beacon device is small, lightweight and portable. It is reinforced to allow you to easily attach it to a keychain or lanyard. Or, if you prefer, you can drop the Beacon into your purse, backpack, or pocket. The device also comes with a free accessory clip, allowing for complete mobility. And although its enlarged button makes triggering the alert easy, the indented design feature will prevent false alerts as well.
  2. Contact anyone. Unlike some life alert systems, you can choose your own personal contact list. Better yet, you can alert multiple contacts simultaneously in the event of an emergency, immediately connecting them to the safety app. Any number you store in the app can be called from the Beacon, too.
  3. Manage contacts easily. With the Silent Beacon life alert system, you can view the status of your emergency contacts, as well as edit their tracking map. You are also in control of your primary contact, enabling the voice alert, and editing contact information. Including emergency personnel, Silent Beacon allows you to add up to 7 contacts.
  4. Speaker-equipped. The Silent Beacon features a large speaker with a noise cancellation microphone for clear communication. When you set up the alert system, you can set your primary contact, activating voice alert. Then, in an emergency, you can speak directly into the Silent Beacon. There’s no need to ever touch your phone!
  5. GPS tracking. Your contacts can view your real-time, GPS location and toggle between satellite and map views the entire time. Users can also forward their information to others, including emergency personnel.
  6. Communicate in multiple ways. In an emergency, you can send your alerts as texts, phone calls, emails, or all three. You decide the best method(s) for communication for your contact list.
  7. Silent alert mode. Depending upon the emergency at hand, you may not want to let anyone in your surrounding area know you activated the alert. The Silent Alert mode allows users to call for help without tipping off anyone around you.
  8. Durability. The Silent Beacon life alert system is well made, with a water-resistant shell. This way, you can worry less about the weather conditions and more about your safety!
  9. Rechargeable. You can charge your device on the go, using the Micro-USB plug.
  10. Low price. Silent Beacon shines as one of the most affordable life alert systems on the market. Most systems require you to sign on with expensive third-party call centers. Then, in the event of a true emergency, you activate the alert, which triggers a call to the center. Next, the center places the call to 911, but this extra layer of communication adds critical time to a situation where every second count. With Silent Beacon, you can activate the alert and contact emergency personnel directly – no middleman needed.

In addition to monthly charges, most competitors on the market also charge for other services. From activating the device and/or installing it to deactivation or cancellation fees, you may be asked to spend tens of hundreds of extra dollars in fees and extra charges.

Silent Beacon understands that peace of mind is priceless – but that doesn’t mean your life alert system needs to be cost-prohibitive. At the affordable price of $99.99, the Silent Beacon is accessible to everyone. And the app is always free, so the user and his or her contacts never need to pay to download and use the safety app. There are no startup fees, either. Simply purchase the device, set up your contacts, and go!

Want to learn more? Or, are you ready to purchase your Silent Beacon life alert system today? Visit http://www.silentbeacon.com for more information and to shop for your Beacon, available now in a variety of attractive colors.

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