5 Strategies to Help you Master Sentence Equivalence

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Basically, Sentence Equivalence questions are like fill in the blank questions that would offer only one blank with six options. You need to identify and choose 2 options which will make sense when inserted in the blank. In the actual GRE, on an average students receive around 4 -5 SE questions in each section. Ensure that your Online GRE prep has free GRE practice test similar to this fashion. Some useful strategies for Sentence Equivalence questions are as follows

1)        Identifying tone of the question
2)        Identifying the extra words
3)        Identifying hidden clues
4)        Identifying synonyms
5)        Grammar structure.

Let us discuss them in details

(a)        Let’s starts with tone of the question. While there may be so many words in GRE, one broad classification of the words could be listed as positive, negative or neutral tone. This will help you eliminate the options from the given choices. Your online GRE prep training should be in similar fashion. Solve answers in your free GRE practice tests in the same fashion.

(b)        Some extra words which may seem unnecessary, if you look closer, they may be the game changer. Most importantly, the adverbs like ‘however’, ‘furthermore’, ‘moreover’, etc. This will help you in identifying the tone.

(c)        The core purpose of the sentence in the question is to provide you the context or in other words the clue for the answer. A little though on the purpose the word serves in the sentence can makes your job much easier.

(d)        Once you have identified the first answer, the second would more or less be synonyms. Or the other way round, Identify synonyms and then try plugging it into the blanks.

(e)        Elite understanding of grammar can help you master not just Sentence Equivalence questions but also the entire GRE verbal. For SE in particular, small words can make a big difference.
Now apart from this some very back to the basic tips are learning and practicing GRE word list, familiarizing with the GRE by taking GRE style test & time based tests. In specific GRE word learning is the backbone for performing well in both sentence equivalence & text completion questions. It will be the building blocks to master the above mentioned 5 strategies.

With that being said, ideally students prepare for sentence Equivalence & text completion after 20-25% of preparation i.e. having completed 1000 priority words and a the tougher sections of GRE Quant Section. Hope these strategies would help you master sentence Equivalence. Do ensure you consciously use these strategies even on your free GRE practice test questions. That would improve your approach to the questions to a higher level in your online GRE prep.

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