7 Benefits of School Fee Management Software

Student fee Collection and Management are critical task for educational institutes. The School management spends lots of time and manpower to handle fee management. EDUMAAT helps in managing the operation of school fees collection and fee receipt generation efficiently by offering effective School Management Software. School Management System is a large information system which can be used for managing school’s day to day activities. The entire education management system is now, thanks to school management software like EDUMAAT. The School ERP Software effectively manages all resources available to staff, parents, teachers, and students.

  1. Fee Structure creation:

Through EDUMAAT School Fee Management Software, you can create fee structures for whole school easily with all related information’s and 0% error process.

  1. Fee Due Alerts:

Making fee details available and fee notifications at the right time brings much-needed regulation in the system. This is very helpful for both parents and administrations. It generates fees due report with net due fees of each student. It also display’s remaining part payment of tuition fees. Multiple part of payment collecting tuition fees without any duplicity.

  1. Online Payment:

Due to parent’s busy schedule, visiting the school for fee payment is a time consuming process for parent’s point of view. Through EDUMAAT School Fee Management Software, parents can pay fee from their home or office at convenient times.

  1. Accuracy:

Through EDUMAAT all calculations are automated system, 100% accurate with no chance of any calculation error.

  1. Receipts:

The School ERP generates and issue a receipt for each transaction with adjustments which is also the easiest way to print and completing the process of fee collection. It generates and print receipts of fees along with fee receipt no.

  1. Productivity:

A huge burden of school administration related to the fee management is wiped out with the help of School Management System perfectly, also reducing the dependency of each department on the manual procedures through this software it proves as a productive and effective man power replacement.

  1. Access 24/7:

There is no fixed time for accepting fees as the software it works 24/7 which means fee management transactions can be made from anywhere at any time.

School management is a constantly growing field, which is why the EDUMAAT customize the School ERP software to your school’s need with add-on plugins and modules.

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