Amazing Health Benefits of Whole Wheat Grains

What are whole grains? At the beginning, all grains are considered as whole grains. However, once a grain has been processed, it must retain all three parts of the original grain, which are endosperm, bran and germ, to be considered a whole grain. In refined grains, the bran and germ are stripped away. However, refined grains lose its nutrients in the refining process, they don’t offer the actual health benefits as whole grains. Organic whole grains contain rich in fiber content. Buy it from the Online Organic Store in Chennai.

Whole grains contain vitamins, minerals and nutrients. It also contains rich antioxidant and high in fiber content. According to the state of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) research, a daily intake of whole grains in the regular food diet can reduce the risk of chronic diseases. It helps to maintain the proper health and body function. Make sure to buy organic whole wheat from Organic Shop in Chennai.

Fiber: Whole grains are rich in fiber content, which can help increase the digestive power and reduce the risk of heart disease. Fiber content food, mainly helps to keep proper digestive tract and lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Wheat is a very good substituted for foods high in fat, whole wheat can help people to maintain an ideal weight.

Adults need approx 25 to 35 grams of fiber for daily diet, and whole grains contain two types of fiber. Soluble and insoluble, both are beneficial to your health. Approx 5.8 grams of fiber in two slices of dark rye bread, but only 1.9 grams of white bread.

Vitamins: Recommended amounts of vitamins each day is an important part of the day to day life, and Vitamin B in particular are essential for preventive care. Whole wheat grains contain Vitamin B, it helps with the body’s metabolism by reduce fat, protein and carbohydrates for energy. Vitamin B also needed for a strong nervous system.

Antioxidants: Whole grains contain higher antioxidant content than some other fruits and vegetables. Some studies have shown a regular intake of whole grain, reduced risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Iron: Iron is a mineral responsible for carrying oxygen in red blood cells and transmitting nerve impulses. Not having enough amount of iron in the body is known as anemia.

Magnesium: Whole grains contain magnesium, which is used for strengthening bones and produce the energy in muscles.

Weight loss: Whole grains are playing important role in diet and great alternative to fattier foods.

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