Factors that make 2019 the best year for Indian Real Estate

Every New Year, as humans we used to make resolutions which we wish to follow. It is not possible for some people to follow that throughout the year, some may try to follow the resolutions. One of the common resolutions of most of the people is to make the best investment option. A common confusion that people do have when investing is to choose between stock and Real Estate. Growth in Indian market confesses that Real Estate is going to become the best investment option in 2019. Here are the reasons which make this a better investment option.

New Business Model

In the previous year, the government had implemented the procedures like RERA and GST which give confidence among the users about the real estate industry. Through this policy, the transparency among the real estate builders and the customers get increased.  The customer gets to know the civil liberties as well as the builders started to concentrate on the quality of the building instead of focusing on the profit. You can buy the best apartments in OMR to get the better amenities at affordable price.

The growth of Urban Cities

Another reason for the growth of Indian real estate in 2019 is the increased number of tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. The number of job opportunities and the high amount of salary paid to the workers will result in the urbanization in India. These kinds of business aspects create a demand for commercial spaces that make the people move tier 2 cities in India. There is a number of Builders in Chennai give affordable housing options to the investors.

Increasing Global inflows

One of the important moves which make the real estate the best investment option is FDI. It is nothing but the foreign funding channels can easily trade property in India without obtaining government approval. This influences most of the investors and foreign institutions to buy a property in India.

Summing up, the work culture in India keeps on evolving day by day. Going forward this will slowly spread to tier 2 and other cities. There is a wide range of new projects in Chennai has been launched to improve the lifestyle of the people.

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