Fruitiest Diet!

While Juice Fasting, a fad diet and Raw Foodism (raw food diet) is catching up, this article will throw light on some tips and healthy ways to enjoy fruits.

Fruitarian Diet

Intake of fibre-rich fruits not only cleans your system but also helps you burn fat. Fruits are rich in antioxidants and other essential nutrients. It contains very less calories and zero or low fat. Go on a fruits-only detox diet to cleanse your system. Include a variety of fruits in your diet when they are in season. Nowadays, fertility center strongly recommends fruit diet for healthy babies.

Prepare detox water with apple slices, mint leaves, lemon and cucumber.

Don’t buy those fruits!

Canned (processed) fruit juices and frozen fruits may contain preservatives— just don’t buy them.

Make your own jam, pickle, milkshake, smoothie, juice or salad with fresh fruits. Avoid sugar. If required, include honey instead of sugar.  Ripe fruits contain natural sugar that adds sweetness.

Cook the pulp!

Besides desserts and cakes, there are various other fruit recipes that you can include in any meal. Orange, lemon and pineapple extracts cooked with meat (commonly chicken) adds a different flavour to the dish and makes it delicious. Try out one such recipe! Grilled pineapples on pizzas is one yummy example to justify that cooked fruits can also taste great.

Although fruits are generally baked (cakes), barbequed pineapple, banana and potato fries, and curries with coconut milk are excellent dishes. Apples, pears, bananas are commonly poached.

Cooking fruits require only less time and heat. Every time on time with quick fruit recipes!

Fermenting Fruits

Grapes can be made into wine after it is left undisturbed for fermentation process. Berries, apples can also be fermented. Fermented fruits contain friendly bacteria that are good for health.

Just Pit-Puree-Pat!

Head to the fruit market and get natural ingredients for your face mask. Pick some tropical fruits. Fleshy fruits are good for skin and hair.

  • Pit the fruit.
  • Extract the Puree.
  • Pat it on your face for glowing skin and/or healthy hair.

Other useful tips!

  • Make your own hand wash or cleaning agent using vinegar and lemon.
  • Use the seeds from the fruits that you eat and grow fruits at home. Engage in some gardening.
  • Use the vegetable and fruit peels to make compost for your garden.
  • Baking soda and lemon peels can bring back the shine of metal articles or show pieces. Simply rub until it shines. Cleans oil or grease stains too.
  • Sun-dry the peels, add a few drops of essential oil and show-off your potpourri with some decorations.
  • Use orange and papaya peels to soothe your foot.
  • Banana peels helps whiten teeth.


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