How to Get Organized Before the Big Move


No matter you are planning to relocate to the next street or across to any new city, moving with your entire belongings can bring several breakdowns and lots of stress, especially if you are shifting for the first time or planning to handle your move by yourself.

It’s true that planning and completing the shifting tasks without interruption from the beginning to the endpoint is never an easy task, as it is full of several tedious tasks that can irritate you because of disturbance in your daily routine. But, with the help of proper planning and preparation in advance, your shifting can become hassle-free, as an appropriate organization is a key to finish all your shifting tasks successful. As relocation always takes a longer time than you may think, that’s why if you are not organized for the big moving day you will be more stressed due to your multiple of incomplete tasks at the last moment.

It’s evident that if you are organized to complete your move proficiently, you can quickly decrease the shifting stress from the beginning of packing all your items safely to the last delivery time. We agree that relocation too much time-taking and full of uncountable difficult tasks, which can make you worried about how to complete all the shifting tasks and you can make certain mistakes due to strain, which results to significant loss and damage to your valuables like glass and frazil items.

That’s why we are here to guide you how you can easily get organized for your upcoming relocation, without any last moment hurry and mistakes, which will help you to finish your relocation professionally.

  • Start planning your move early:

One of the best and safe ways to be prepared when relocating is to have sufficient time to plan and proficiently finish all your moving tasks. Once the decision to shift to a new and desired residence has been confirmed, you should never waste your time thinking you can complete the remaining task at the last moment. Because, by investing more hours and even days to complete your relocation, you can finish all your moving responsibilities and you can also decrease your stress during your entire shifting.

Always remember it’s never early to start planning and getting ready for your upcoming move. To complete your move with best results start planning and completing all your jobs at before 3 to 4 weeks to be prepared on your big moving day to get rid of any last-minute problems due to incomplete tasks.


  • Create an Inventory of all your belongings:

Creating an accurate inventory of all your items which you are planning to shift in your new home is one of the essential points for a successful relocation. Make a precise list of all the things you have in your home and then invest your time to divide them into different categories like- Essentials to move, Donate, Sell, etc.

Then pack all your necessary ones to take with you, and then comes the unwanted ones in the list, and you can quickly to donate or give away to any needy person or any charity association near to you, and then you can quickly pack all the essentials after decluttering the unwanted ones.


  • Plan a separate storing area for each category of Items:

Packing by room is a perfect strategy to finish your Packing of all your items correctly, to wrap all your possessions safely using suitable packing materials. If you have any delicate items to move in your new residence, which needs extra care, that’s why it’s good to choose a separate packing and storing items area for different kinds of your belongings. So, they don’t get mixed and damaged during loading and transit.

So, choose a separate area in your home to store all the packed items to reduce the chances of being damaged and mixed up. Place each item in the selected area for the group it belongs to so that you can quickly move them without losing your valuable goods.


  • Pack your essential items at first:

You should always start packing your stuff at the right time before shifting the date. So, your life must go on without any unnecessary interruptions at your new place. This means you must pack all your essential belongings at last like your kid’s necessities, kitchen utensils, appliances, etc. Packing all these belongings, earlier from the shifting day, as you can forget to pack them at the last moment which can make more robust to organize all your things in a hurry.

Be mindful that essentials such as kitchen utensils, toiletries items, beddings, chargers, medications, some dry food items, etc. should be packed at first, as you will not need them anymore during your entire move. So, it’s safe to stay prepared while shifting by packing one bag full of all your essentials, which will help you to survive during your transit and also on the first night and day after moving at your new place until all of your belongings get delivered.


  • Label all your packed boxes wisely:

Labeling your packed containers properly is a safe step to move all your items and stay organized for your move. As, it becomes quite confusing to identify which items belong to which room, because of several boxes which look almost similar, it’s quite tricky to determine what’s kept inside if you have not labeled each container.

When labeling all your packed boxes put your extra effort to remain organized when shifting, by using the color-coded system like different colors for different rooms. As by marking all your packed boxes will help you to save your precious items from any unexpected damage during transit.


  • Request to deactivate all your utilities:

As soon as you have finalized your shifting date, remember to call the utility service providers to deactivate all your utility service before your shifting date and again reconnection at your new home. Deactivation of all your utilities at your old home will help you to be safe from extra bills of your services which you have not used.

Again, activation of all your essential utilities is essential if you’re shifting into a residence to continue your daily routine without any breaks at your new home.


  • Hire a suitable Movers and Packers:

No doubt the tips mentioned above are best to stay organized before your shifting day, but it’s quite tricky and time-taking tasks which need extra care to complete it proficiently. The best and safe option to perform your move is to choose a reliable Packers and Movers Chennai to Bangalore,  who can take care of your shifting by packing all your items carefully, loading, transportation, final delivery at your new destination without any disturbance.

But, before selecting any shifting company, you must do a proper investigation about the shifting companies you are planning to hire by checking their feedbacks posted on several popular websites Mouth shut, Assure Shit, Facebook, etc. to get complete and accurate information about the company. Because, if you do not make a proper inquiry about the moving service provider, you can come in contact with scam movers who can cheat you or can even run with your valuables. That’s why it’s necessary to sort the list and compare multiple of Shifting companies near to you, to finish all your relocation tasks professionally, without involving in any challenging tasks.


We hope the above-discussed tricks will help you to stay organized and hire the Best Packers and Movers in Chennai to perform your relocation needs as per your expectation from the time you will share your moving requirements with them till the final delivery and rearranging of your items at your new home.

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