How to Guide for Building a React JS Project with TypeScript?

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A variety of tools are available to combine React JS with Typescript to develop applications. An application with Typescript can survive for the long term. Many components in Typescript can be reused in a bit to produce more fantastic software. With React Typescript it is easier for the developers to use, understand and manage the coding of the software. React JS helps to develop a highly interactive frontend, and Typescript, also, gives many benefits.

Let us see how both of these complement each other.

Catch problems at an early stage

Typescript has a static type system which makes it more readable and that it finds glitches early in the process of development. The information provided by typescript is precise and useful. The compiler authenticates all the essential properties that belong to a component. For example, its compiler detects the missing prop that has not been supplied during referencing a component, which is pointed out by the VS code in red-colored line. Another example says that whenever it creates a new prop typescript even tells VS code to update the respective object. There is no need for the run time validation as it can also check if the correct type is provided.

Strong tool- Intellisense

Intellisense helps in writing the code more swiftly and accurately because of its autocomplete feature. It is available in all the latest IDE’s like Visual Studio, Eclipse and so on.  Intellisense is a tool that aids in quick development of the project code for React developers. The items in the static type system are 100% correct when referencing a component. Typescript will automatically reduce the list of type and its intellisense where ever needed. Intellisense is a tool that aids in quick development of the project code.


In React Js with Typescript provides interfaces by enabling the Type definitions. Such a feature is useful when a property has a sub-property, making it complex Type. With interfaces, it is possible to code without having many bugs which provide proper in time checks. So with both of these technologies writing code gets simpler and understandable.

Declaration of Type files

Though, typescript can import any library of JavaScript. But it cannot use Typescript up to its full capacity until it uses its Type declaration files. The Typescript defines the Type annotations for JavaScript libraries called type declaration files. For the majority of JavaScript libraries, Definitely Typed is a known repository of Declaration Files. With the declaration files, the Typescript can benefit a lot from the JavaScript libraries.

Building components

With Typescript, one doesn’t need to use prop-types. In Type, one can master prop and state to unfold how powerful is Typescript. It takes a prop interface for each component that is passed to the props. Accordingly, an interface for state of the art is also declared. These are the two general arguments added to the base class definition. Addition of these two arguments adds the feature of code completion capability to the component.


Typescript is remarkable and so is to react. Using both of them together allows using of Intellisense and further provides a set of type system features. Incorporation of Typescript makes the code self- descriptive and readable. It is very convenient to integrate TS without harming the rest of the project. Adding TS to the project will prove out to be good as you get Type safe, save the code from many errors and future debugging. Contact ours react js development company to avail the best combination of Typescript React JS for your application.

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