In the Asian Countries, for the cooking purposes, the groundnut oil could be used. Another name for the groundnut oil is Arachis oil and the peanut oils. The peanut oils are harvested on both the places in India and that groundnuts are very popular. And the places are Gujarat and in the place of Pollachi in Tamil Nadu. Comparatively the size of groundnut is the bigger size in Gujarat but the taste, smell, flavor, and the aroma are same in both the places. These oils are made from the edible seed and the oil for the use of groundnut oil. The groundnut oil is more beneficial and useful for a healthy life. For the natural oil, the best dealer would be chekku ennai in Bangalore for the safe and secure life in the future.


In the Archis oil, the nutrition components are available more compared to other oils. In the groundnut oils there are some levels that are calculated and the calories would be 119, the fat grams would be around 14 grams, the saturated fatty acids would be around 2.3 grams, the monounsaturated fatty acids would be around 6.2 grams, and the polyunsaturated fatty acids would be around 4.3 grams, the nutrition of vitamin E would be around 11% in the RDI, and the phytosterols would be around 27.9 mg. All these nutrition are present the peanut oil if the oils use regularly.

In the Archis oil, there are some divided on the fatty acid which has the fat of saturated would be 20%, the fat of monounsaturated would be 50%, and the fat of polyunsaturated would be 30%. In the peanut oil, there is a presence in the monounsaturated is also known as the oleic acid.


Naturally, the name of the vitamin E in the group of groundnut oil has it called as the fat-soluble compound. This compound helps us to activate the functions that important in our body. There would be an important role that played by the substance of vitamin E is the antioxidant, these help to protect our body from the harmful substances of the free radicals. A free radical that help to grow that intimate to cause damages and that damages lead our body into the chronic diseases of cancer and heart diseases. The groundnut helps to strengthen the immune system. From the immune power, our body gets protect from the virus, fungi, and bacteria.

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