Key Metrics to measure the performance of the Mobile app

Building a mobile application is a long journey. In order to reach more audience through the mobile application, you should implement new strategies. After launching your mobile application in the app store how can you measure the success of the app? People may think that the number of downloads is the only one metrics that help to determine the performance of your mobile application. In this post, we help you by providing some of the key metrics to measure the growth of your app.

Number of downloads

This is one of the important metrics that you have to start to analyze with. Through the number of downloads, you should not ensure that the people will like your application. They may or may not be satisfied with the performance or the features of the mobile application. With this number, you were not supposed to say that your app is a successful one or not. You can increase the chance of getting success in a mobile app with the assistance of professional mobile app development India.


You can easily measure the customer engagement by calculating the average time the user spends in your app. By calculating the session length and the frequency that customer used to spend in the application you get to know the effectiveness of the app. In some cases, the customer engagement rate of your mobile application may be high but it is very difficult to manage if they not completing your business goals. In that case, you can Hire Web Developer to work on the call to action buttons on the website.

Number of purchase

Make the user’s purchase the products from the mobile application is the ultimate goal of creating a mobile application. Only a few of the apps rely on subscription of newsletters or registrations on the application. If the business goal of your app is not accomplished then it is obvious that there is something not correct in your app. Hire Dedicated Programmers from the leading app development company to increase the revenue of your business.

You can have a clear picture of app growth if you measuring these app performance metrics. This also helps the developer to identify the areas needs improvement.

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