Organic Food vs non organic food – Main difference between them

  • Everybody wants to provide best and healthy food for our families. We are more cautious in making sure that our food does not have any toxic substance in it. Online Grocery Shopping Chennai is not an easy task especially if we are striving to have more healthy food. This leads to the dilemma of whether to have organic food or non organic.

The demand and need of organic foods are growing every day. In the past few years, many people have switched to organic food culture. There are many Organic Store in Chennai has seen steep growth in customer base.

However, there are a large percentage of people who are still sticking with non organic foods available commercially in the market. This is because they may feel non organic food is better than organic food. The other reason could be most people are not aware about the difference between organic foods and non organic foods.

Organic food varies significantly from non organic food in three factors.


Organic foods are grown without any chemical fertilizers, radiation, genetic modification, pesticides, etc.,. This makes organic foods completely chemical free without any genetic modifications in it. Organic foods generally use natural fertilizers and non-chemical pesticides.

On the other side, non organic foods are grown with the help of chemical fertilizers and other uses other artificial methods for better growth and yield.


Many people feel the difference between organic food and non organic food by its look. Since non organic foods are grown with genetic engineering technology, they can me made in regular and symmetric shapes.

However, organic foods are only available in natural and irregular shapes, you may also notice different colors and blemishes in it. This makes many people to be hesitant about having organic products.


This is a widely disputed and controversial factor. Many people believe that organic foods are more healthier as it has higher  nutritious value than its counterpart. However, many people argue that there is no real difference between both of them. Some people even argue that non organic foods are rich in nutritions than the organic products.

The other major specialty about organic foods are, they are more environmental friendly. It is the reason many nature and eco lovers interested in buying from online organic stores in Chennai.

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