Robotics in Automotive industry

Robotics in Automotive industry

There are many automotive applications of robots. There are about thousands of parts in every car and truck. It can be used in vision system and force sensing. Having a question like How to learn robotics in your mind? Join Robotics Courses and update your knowledge with the robotics technology. You can also buy Robots Parts in India to build your own robot.


Welding can be done by the robots including the spot welding and arc welding. It can be used for welding the car body panels. They can perform the process in the same speed with similar orientation on every cycle.


The robots are capable of doing the assembly process. They do the tasks like screw driving, wheel mounting and windshield installation. These tasks are car assembly tasks in the robotic automation. They are used for assembling pumps and motors.

Machine Tending

The process includes unloading the hot molding from an injection molding. Loading and unloading CNC machining centers are some of the examples of role of robots in machine tending.

Material Removal

Robots are used as a tool for cutting tasks and trimming tasks. Some of the examples like die casting, cutting headliners, polishing molds and trimming flash from plastic molding. The force sensing technology allows the robot to maintain the constant pressure against a surface.

Part Transfer

The process of pouring molten metal in a foundry and relocating a metal stamp from one press to other are unpleasant task for humans. It can be done by the robots.

Coating, sealing and painting

The robots are able to follow the programmed path constantly. The robots are also used for painting the car in the assembly plants. They are also used for spraying.

Advantages of using robots

There are lots of advantages of robots. The robots can work 24 hours a day without taking any break. The robots can perform the job quicker than a human. Robots can withstand extreme heat and chemicals. Robots are programmed to perform the tasks accurately. The robots can perform any tasks including welding, assembling, painting, installing and riveting.

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