It’s time for a Digital Detox

Ditch those selfies and look into someone’s eyes to strike a smile.  Live those special moments instead of capturing it in your mobile phones.

It is quite common that most of us often realize that our smartphones and laptops have gained greater importance than our personal life.

Constantly checking our social media accounts and emails or simply fidgeting with gadgets and devices has become a habit for many.

Although most of us realize that this habit or activity affects our behavior and health, we do not find a way out due to occupational reasons.

Well, it’s time for a Digital Detox!

  • Go Device-Free

Gadgets and devices almost eat-up our time. It kills personal, face-to-face communication.  Let’s not put all the blame on technology and devices. It is after all priorities that matter. Remember, people value more than the virtual world.

  • Meet that person you’re glad to have met!

Quit that addiction to your phone.  Start with quitting any social platform that consumes most of your time.  Go around and spend time with real people. Engage in some fantastic conversations.
Go on a digital detox holiday. Leave the gadgets at home; escape yourself from all those unwanted calls and messages.  Hang out with your best buddies. Do the Coolest things during your holiday. Try some adventure sports.

  • It’s OK to be Weird!

Fulfil those strange desires. Bring out the child in you. Age doesn’t matter here. Execute those cute little childhood plans that you had. Feel special.

Be in a group that loves to have fun. Play games with them. Laugh out Loud in real (LOL!).

  • Kindle that Creativity of Yours.

Learn something new—could be a music, painting, crafts and so on. If you are artistic, visit the museum, art exhibitions, etc. Revive your hobbies.

  • For the Love of ________.

You can fill this blank with anything— music, nature, sport, food, etc.

  • Music: Attend a concert.
  • Nature: Engage in some outdoor recreational activity. Go on a trek.
  • Sport: Watch your favorite game live in the stadium with the crowd.
  • Food: Break your diet charts. Eat anything that you crave for. Try out dessert recipes at home!


Simply UNFOLLOW social media and gadgets for the better YOU! Try out these tips and reinvent yourself!


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