Treatment For Fertility Problem

Due to modern culture and lifestyle, people started running in life where they are not able to take care of themselves. Because of this most of the couples are suffering from fertility problems.

As medical treatment improved a lot in recent days, you can find a various effective treatment for improving your chance of getting pregnant.

It is important to make healthy living a regular habit to ensure that there are no health issues later in life. Yes, Lifestyle is a major factor which shows the impact on various health issues.

Excited to know about the treatment?

Various treatment available to increase the chances of getting pregnant :

In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF): IVF is the process of creating an embryo with sperms and eggs and placed inside the uterus to increase the chance of getting pregnant.

Ovulation Inductions: Ovulation inductions is the process of stimulating ovulation to help women who cannot ovulate regularly on their own.

Egg sharing: Egg sharing is the process of donating an egg to another woman to enable them to increase the chance of getting pregnant.

Artificial insemination: Artificial insemination is the process of introducing sperm into the female cervix to get pregnant without any sexual intercourse.

Other treatments include Intrauterine insemination, Surgical sperm retrieval and so on.

Top 3 fertility center in Chennai :

  1. Prana Fertility center : Prana fertility center is a division of Dr. Kamakshi Memorial hospital which is rated as one of the best fertiltiy center in Chennai. Dr. Sivaranajani from Prana Fertility center has 16years of experience as Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
    Website :

Address : #1, Radial Road, Pallikaranai, Chennai – 600 100, Tamil Nadu, India

2. NOVA IVI Fertility Center: Nova IVI fertility center is established in 2012 which has a reputed team of fertility experts.

Website :

Address : Plot no. 41/42, 53/54, Sathyadev Avenue, M R C Nagar, R A Puram, Chennai – 600 028.
Landmark: Near Chettinad School.

3. Iswarya Fertiltiy Center : Iswarya fertility center is rated as a top fertility center which helps infertility couples to make their parenthood dream a reality.

Website :

Address :  Iswarya Fertility Centre,13, 1st Main Road, Kasthuribai Nagar, Adyar, Chennai 600020.

You may be struggling with various stress because of infertility and fertility treatment. Below are few tips to overcome stress which caused during fertility treatment.

  1. Join community, group and start the discussion
  2. Get counselor advice
  3.  Ask questions for more clarity.
  4. Do meditation regularly which will help to reduce stress.
  5. Read books which will divert you from stress.

Follow the above tips to overcome your stress during fertility treatment.


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