Way to Improve CRS Score

It is possible to improve CRS score with some efforts. Keep in mind, the process takes time; there is nothing quick and simple.

First of all, I shall give a brief introduction of what does a CRS score mean? The Comprehensive Ranking System is a score which is needed for those who wish to get migration in Canada.

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Well, the Express Entry is the latest & organized point-based immigration system of Canada. It allocates points to the registered candidates in Express Entry. You must have the set minimum score of that draw to be considered as a candidate in Express Entry system.

Every month Express Entry Draw is held twice, in which a certain no. of invitations is issued by setting a minimum CRS score. And the eligible candidates apply for the Canadian PR.

I will share a few tips, you can try these things to raise your point score.

Learn French as Secondary Language

If English is your primary, you can learn French as secondary, because, the IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) allocates good points for the French language skills.

Improve Your IELTS Score

Sit in the International English Language System test and improve the band score.

Apply in Provincial Nominee Programs

You could also apply in the provincial nominee programs (PNPs). If you could manage to get selected for the provincial nomination by a particular province, you will get 600 CRS points additionally in the Express Entry (If applied in EE stream of a PNP) or will become eligible to apply permanent residency to IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada).

Some other ways are;

  • Before applying for your express entry, work on getting the opportunity to study in Canada. Gaining a Canadian study experience can significantly increase your score.
  • It is good to have two or more certificates, degrees or diplomas. This can also help increase your score.

And in case you don’t have too many, then apply to study in Canada and earn a degree or diploma.

  • Work on your English and French language, you will be able to earn up to 260 CRS points in total if you work on improving yourself in the language.
  • Even, by seeking a job offer from a Canadian company can also help your score, however, the score you’ll get isn’t that much but every point count.

Hope this helps.

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